Hradištko Firebrigade
Welcome to websites of Hradištko and Pikovice voluntary firefighter brigade (SDH in czech)

SDH Hradištko & SDH Pikovice introduction

SDH Hradištko and SDH Pikovice are located in the village of Hradištko, which is situated on a rocky promontory above the valley of two rivers Vltava and Sázava, just before their confluence at Davle and which consists of four local parts: Hradištko, Brunšov, Rajchardov and Pikovice. Within the village, there is a unit of the voluntary fire brigade of Hradištko (JSDH Hradištko), whose membership consists of vulunteries from both villages since 2016. This unit is classified under JPO III category (unit with cadastral capacities) within the fire protection system and has two fire-arms in Hradištko and Pikovice.